Welcome to Eros Mix Company, a professional skin care issue from intensive research in aesthetic & anti-ageing medicine practices and knowledge -Eros Mix is a brand dedicated to provide cutting edge professional skin treatments working closely with the different aesthetic and medical fields. -Dermatology, plastic surgery, aesthetic medicine, anti-ageing medicine, sport medicine. note: due to hacking and stealing process we made a mark able sign to differentiate the original Eros mix product from other fake ones , the fake (i) letter added to the word beauty in our original product boxes take attention for it . Our aim is to offer a new generation of professional and non-invasive treatments to enhance health and beauty -Our brand maintains the skin in its optimum condition and restores damaged & aged skin. Each product responds systematically and on-target to the various skin problems,. We provide meso products, mesotherapy of the highest strandards. Both professional and patients will enjoy all the advantages of our treatments to achieve perfect body lines and young radiant skin.
To be the exclusive "partner" brand in the professional cosmetics. In close collaboration with our clients, knowing and sharing their needs to grow together.
 To lead the profesional of aesthetics collaborating actively in the search for innovative, efficient and reliable cosmetic solutions, as well as placing our customer at the centre of our management.

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