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Caffeine,Carnitine,Taurine,Vectorized lipase

Vectorized hyaluronidase,Coumarin

Artichoke extrac,Ginkgo extract

Hydrocotyle (centella asiatica) extract


PPC :phosphatidylcholine

lipodissolving = fat solubilization in water

Naturally abundant in cell membranes, this phospholipid, breaks down the fat stored in fat cells. PhosphatidylcholineLipolytic Solution emulsifies the fat, allowing it to be absorbed into the bloodstream and transported. This makes it the ideal solution for eliminating unattractive, localizedlocalized adiposities.


Caffeine :microcirculation enhancer-fat burner

Works to increase blood flow and stimulate adipocytes to release fat into the bloodstream, so that it can to be burned by the body’s metabolism. In simple terms, Caffeine Reducing Solution drains the body’s fat cells. In parallel, Caffeine Reducing Solution tightens and tones the skin, helping to reduce the appearance of cellulite. When applied topically, it works to act as a lipolytic agent, breaking down the fat tissue and causing localized weight loss, without incurring any side effects

Ginkgo biloba :Anti-Cellulite Solution

increase blood flow

Gingko’s most powerful effect is on the circulatory system. Ginkgo improves blood circulation by widening the micro-capillaries while simultaneously strengthening the vessel walls. This dual action makes Gingko Biloba Anti-Cellulite Solution ideal for stimulating localized lipolysis and for treating cellulite. In addition to offering wide-ranging anti-ageing benefits, it is also effective in combating hair loss and reducing the appearance of dark eye circles.



Artichoke Extract :

diuretic for buffness  treatmentAnti-Cellulite Solution

The secret behind the anti-cellulite properties of this extract lies in its detoxifying and diuretic action. Also known as Cynarascolymus, with the active ingredient Cynarin, it is widely used to treat cellulite and fat. In addition, Artichoke Extract Anti-Cellulite Solution works to help stimulate the lymphatic drainage system.



L-CARNETINE :Fat Carrier Solution

In its natural form in the body, L-Carnitine is responsible for metabolizing fat. After breaking down the stored fat, it mobilizes the fatty acids into the bloodstream, attaching itself to them and carrying them to the area of the cell that converts fat to energy. L-Carnitine Fat Carrier Solution is essential for optimal fat burning.



Dosage : inject 0.2 ml ,2cm distance between every point and each other the time between sessions around10 days.

Package : each vial contains 10 ml of solution